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[Business Name] Specializes in Drone Photography and Videography.

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See the World from a New Point of View with [Business Name]

At [Business Name], we shoot aerial drone photos and videos for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their services with powerful imagery. Drone photography allows you to capture angles and shots that are otherwise impossible through traditional photography. We specialize in drone photography for real estate professionals, construction, special events, film footage and more throughout [City], [State] and the surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and insured and safety and customer satisfaction are our top priority on every project.


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Our drone photography services can be used for a wide variety of industries and applications.

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Professional Drone Pilot & Photographer near [City], [State]

Flying a drone and capturing professional aerial photos is a skill that takes years of experience to master. [Business Name]'s drone pilots are highly trained and certified and have honed their trade well. Unlike other photographers near [City] who offer aerial shots as an "add-on" service, drone photography is our primary focus. We use top-of-the-line equipment and cutting edge technology to deliver professional aerial photos and videos to our customers.

 FAA Licensed Remote Pilots

 SAFETY is our first priority

 Insured (Aircraft and Liability)

 Member of AMA

We obey all local flying restrictions

Happy Customers


"It was great working with [Business Name]. They delivered quick and discrete photo and video services for our wedding. I will recommend them to everyone."

- Gary B.


"High-quality photos are extremely important when selling real estate. Capturing aerial photos of our properties with a drone helps our listings stand out and sell fast."

- Steve J.


"[Business Name]'s work is excellent! We had them do a full photo and video land survey of our estate. I cannot be happier, they are extremely reliable and their prices were very reasonable."

- Mary V.

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